Exposing the Whoredoms of Moloch worship

Exposing the Whoredoms of Molech Worship

Introduction: Ps. 104:19 He made the Moon for Moedim; The Truth versus the Lie; The True Gospel; No Lie is of the Truth; What Gospel did Paul preach?; The DeBuR (Death, Burial, Resurrection); The Timeline of Messiah’s DeBuR; Sabbaths and New Moons; Scriptural Timekeeping Declares YHVH’s Righteousness; His Clock in the Sky; Definitions of Timekeeping Terms; The Moon: A Faithful Witness in the HeavensJonathan and David: Two Witnesses; Marking The Time; Redeeming The Timekeeping; Seven Times More for your Sins; The Wrath of Elohim; The New Moon Resurrection;

Times and Law: A Different Drummer; The Book of Daniel or the Book of Denial?Daniel ben Ithamar ben Aharon haCohen; Calculation versus ObservationThe ‘Bread of Days’;

PART ONE: From the Triumphal Entry through The Last Supper – The Triumphal Entry; The Inspection of the Lamb; The Beginning of a Day; ‘After Two Days’ (is the Passover); More on ‘After Two Days’ is the Passover; Passover or Unleavened Bread?; The Supper BEFORE the lambs slain; The Slaughter of the Lambs Aviv 14; The Fourteenth day of the first month;

PART TWO: The Death, Burial, and ResurrectionThe Day of Preparation; Crucified on the day of Preparation; Shabbat haGadol; The First (day) of the Week; ‘One of Weeks’; Counting the Omer; The Morrow After ‘Passover’; ‘the Sabbath day’; Pictures of Redemption; A Day In Your Sight; ‘In’ Three Days;

PART THREE: The Third Day According to the Scriptures – All Flesh is Grass; Dead Men Walking; Seed with the Pattern; Betrothed in Righteousness; Sanctifying His Bride; A Good Day to get Married; Pre-Resurrection Third Day Prophecies of Messiah; Post-Resurrection Testimony of Witnesses; The Third (day); Three Days and Three Nights; Two Days; Sabbath and the EconomySaturn and Mammon; Fourth Day Redux; When a ‘day’ is NOT a day of the week; ‘After’ Three Days; ‘After’ Three Days’ ends with the Beginning of the Third Day of the Week; The Third Day ‘of the Week’; Numeric Proof of Third Day Resurrection; The Road to Emmaus; Wandering Stars;

PART FOUR: Mia Twn Sabbatwn – Review: The First day of the week; The ‘Bread of Days’; The Green Ears of Barley are called Aviv in Hebrew; The Feast of Firstfruits is Shavuot NOT the Wavesheaf of Barley; The Sabbath of Unleavened bread; The Morrow After the Sabbath of Unleavened Bread; The Torah Feast of Firstfruits; Mia Twn Sabbatwn and haSefirot haOmer; The Morrow After Which Day?; Te Hemera twn Sabbatwn

Part Five: Resolving Misunderstood Points of Contention; Review: Cut Off in the Midst of the SevenReturn to Judaism? NO!Enemies in the Sanctuary; The Star of Your God; The Abomination of Desolation; The Dragon that Desolates the Whole Earth; The Anti- Messiah Spirit is the Anti-Sabbath Spirit; The Wrath of Elohim Revealed; The Restoration of YHVH’s Sabbath; BeEchad LeChodesh; Evidence of Sabbath Suppression; Simon Peter versus Simon the Sorcerer;

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